Selvatic Málaga Fest
andy y lucas málaga

Andy and Lucas will be visiting Málaga in Selvatic Fest 2024

On the ‘Nuestros últimos acordes’ tour of the Cadiz duo Andy y Lucas it was only logical that Malaga would be one of the stops on the way. And what better place for this visit than Selvatic Fest 2024? Said and done: you will be able to enjoy the last concert of this couple on the 22nd of June. Songs that have left their mark on an entire generation, live at the Selvatic Fest concert series. Great plan, isn’t it?

You already know them well enough, but just in case you had any doubts, we’ll give you a little introduction here. Andrés and Lucas are originally from Cádiz, a city that has seen them born and grow as people and artists. Both have built a career that shines as bright as a summer sun. They are united by fifteen years of composing anthems for a whole generation that saw them rise to success with their first album in 2003.

Andy and Lucas are very excited that Malaga is one of their main stops on this tour that closes a cycle. When we ask them what they like most about our city, they answer ‘the weather and the people’, and they still haven’t felt all the excitement and warmth with which we are going to welcome them at Selvatic Fest! Moreover, they have already selected a song that, according to them, faithfully represents what they think and feel about Malaga and it is their well-known ‘Tanto la quería’. You’re already humming it, aren’t you? Well, in case you haven’t signed up yet, here’s a pop version included in their album 20 AÑOS EN MAS DE 20 CANCIONES which came out in May of this year.

Incredible, isn’t it? Well, this is nothing compared to the experience of listening to them, seeing them and experiencing them live, and this is the plan that will kick off an amazing summer. They have already told us that before the concert they are going to walk along Malaga’s Paseo Marítimo, look for the beach bar they like the most and enjoy Malaga’s gastronomy to get their strength back before an epic concert.

Your plans for the rest of the days remain to be seen, but we’re sure to see you giving it your all at Selvatic Fest on the night of the 22nd of June to the sound of Andy y Lucas’ best hits?