Selvatic Málaga Fest

Andy & Lucas


JUN 22, 2024 — Málaga Forum
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You know them for sure, and now Andy and Lucas are coming to Selvatic Fest to celebrate the end of an era. These two boys from a neighbourhood in Cádiz, friends for 15 years, are Andrés Morales Troncoso and Lucas González Gómez and their songs have become the soundtrack for thousands of people all over the world since their first album in 2003.

Back in high school they thought – and knew – that they were going to form a band and, spontaneously and unexpectedly, it all led them to an unsuspected destination: a worldwide hit album. What would have happened if Lucas had continued to focus on football and Andy on Carnival? Luckily, we’ll never know. And even more fortunately, we will have them in Malaga on 22 June to sing along with them all those songs that have marked a whole generation.