Selvatic Málaga Fest
cuanto sabes de música urbana francesa

How much do you know about French urban music?

This year, the similarities between Malaga and France are going to be much more than just having a Pompidou Museum. French urban music takes to the stage this summer at Selvatic Málaga Fest, and in what a way!

The third week of March is International French Language Week, and that’s where we come in. Because, to be honest, if you want to come to the French Urban Fest you’ll have to have a little knowledge of French to be able to at least sing along to the songs of Gims, Soolking and all the other artists who are coming. Because French rap is becoming more and more popular in our country and we are committed to all French urban music (and from all over the world): Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, any style of music is more than welcome on our stage.


The International Day of the French Language dates back to 20 March. The UN language days were accepted in 2010 as a way of recognising multilingualism and the cultural diversity that comes with it. In addition, the celebration of these days is intended to raise awareness of the importance of the history and culture that go hand in hand with each language.


Because we think that the wilder the mix, the more fun the result, and that’s the way it is. For example, how many artists have been influenced by American hip-hop culture to find their own style? And from there, a myriad of different forms have emerged and fill the charts all over the world. You only have to take a look at the most played tracks on your Spotify to see for yourself, right?

In France, it’s been like that from the ground up. With an approach from the suburbs, the French scene has grown and positioned itself internationally, dealing with issues such as urban violence, conflicts with police authority, racial segregation or socio-economic struggles.

But don’t think that the French in Leto’s or Lacrim’s songs is the same French you learned in high school, forget it. Their songs are full of references to urban language that will surely, surely, escape your control. And of course, how can you sing them if you don’t know what they mean? For example, when Lacrim says ‘des lovés’ he’s not talking about love, he’s talking about money. Or when Marwa Loud says ‘zoner’ he means to wander, to wander around. When Soolking says ‘binks’ he means neighbourhoods, and when Mister You says ‘comico’ he’s not talking about a monologue, but a police station.

Gims, Soolking, Marwa Loud, Leto, Lacrim and Mister You will be performing live this summer at Selvatic Málaga Fest and will be the ones in charge of paying tribute to French rap, hip hop and urban trap this summer at Selvatic Fest. Ready?