Selvatic Málaga Fest

Indie Day

León Benavente + Sidonie + Shinova + Claim

AUG 29, 2024 — Málaga Forum

The day you’ve been waiting for is here! Get ready for the musical pleasure your ears will receive with the indie sound of León Benavente, Sidonie, Shinova and Claim. A stellar combination that will have you jumping all night long on the 29th of August at Selvatic Málaga Fest.


The four members of this group – Luis Rodríguez, Eduardo Baos, César Verdú and Abraham Boba – got together back in 2013 to make the music they like and are excited about. And with that, they manage to make you love it and get you excited. If this isn’t a success, we don’t know what is!


They’re based on psychedelic indie rock sounds, and since they started in 1997 there’s been no stopping them, releasing one hit after another. Who hasn’t shouted ‘Carreteras infinitas’ at some point?


More like alternative rock, the kind that sticks to your shoe and haunts you, track after track, until you can’t stop humming along. Imagine the live shows!


They say that they aspire to create generational anthems, and boy, do they achieve it. The strength of their lyrics mixed with the cadence of their rhythms turn their songs into just that, hymns.