Selvatic Málaga Fest
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The best setting for a festival is Andalusia, and that’s it

It seems incredible that we have to justify that Andalusia is the best place to celebrate a music festival, because what other region in Europe has enviable transport; an impressive gastronomy; an open and international people; and good weather ALL YEAR ROUND? We dare you to try and find a place like it.

The proof is in the fact that, in recent years, festivals of all kinds have proliferated enormously: we have something for everyone, and in all the provinces of Andalusia. Well, the truth is that Malaga has been taking the lead for a while now, but why is that, we wonder? (Actually, we have no doubts about it, it’s more than clear!)

And when we say all kinds, we’re not exaggerating one bit. All kinds and for audiences of all ages: electronic music, Spanish-language music, indie festivals, pop festivals, flamenco, jazz… And, of course, the wild and varied, the unforgettable ones – if you thought we weren’t going to talk about ours!


Yes, the light. Because the way the light hits every corner of Andalusia is special, whichever way you look at it. We are not only in the Autonomous Community with the most hours of sunshine per day, regardless of the season. It is its colour, the way it feels, the sunrise and sunset and how it enhances every detail of the view in front of you. It is a very special light, and only those who have seen it know how to recognise it.


Because, let’s see, where are you coming from? If you’re coming from anywhere outside Spain, it’s spectacular: two international airports, in Malaga and Seville. If you’re coming from anywhere else in Spain? Check! National airports in Almeria, Cordoba, Granada-Jaen and Jerez de la Frontera, high-speed trains that connect with Madrid and, from there, to many other places… And from arriving in one province to moving around the others is a pleasure. Would you like to take a tour of Andalusia? We have already done it.


You’re walking along and bang! A museum. You turn around and boom! Another museum, an art centre, an architectural or historical site, a tour, a flamenco ‘tablao’, whatever! The cultural offer of our land is rich and varied: Islamic architecture, Renaissance, Baroque, museums that collect the works of greats like Velázquez or Picasso, popular festivals, traditions… If you don’t leave here knowing how to give art and history lessons to your whole crew, it’s because you haven’t paid enough attention.


Not for nothing, but first of all: the best breakfasts are made in Andalusia. Or haven’t you ever heard of their smurf mix and half and half? A mollete with olive oil and ham? No matter where you go, you’ll have breakfast like royalty. And from then on, things just get better and better: local, national and international specialities. Things you couldn’t eat anywhere else. It’s enough to make you go on a gourmet tour.


And while we’re at it, why not top it all off with concerts by your favourite artists at Selvatic Fest? We don’t care what style you like, because we’re sure to have it in our line up. Music and Andalusia have been living hand in hand for many years, and we will continue to support it with our small contribution.

So, have we convinced you to take a trip to the sunniest, most beautiful and richest corner of Spain? It’s not our fault that we have chosen the best place for our festival. Well, it is our fault, but we won’t regret it.